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Natural Pediatrics is proud to offer a Parent portal to your child’s Medical concern, through Children’s. Through the portal, you can confidentially:

  • request or cancel an appointment,
  • request refills and prescriptions,
  • print your immunization report (data from Natural Pediatrics only) and
  • Check Blood work and Lab results.


For Parent Portal Registration, please click here: PARENT PORTAL REGISTRATION

  1. Parents must register first. Please select the first option (Parent or Guardian) and fill out the information on the form. Use your name and date of birth to complete the form.
  2. When parent registration completes, you will be prompted to “Add a Child
  3. Enter your child’s full Name, Date of Birth and their Medical Record Number (MRN).
  4. You can get you child’s Medical Record Number by calling the office at 972-618-3547.
  5. Click “Save” to link the accounts.
  6. Logout of the Page. Wait for 15 minutes for the system to process your input.
  7. Re-launch the PORTAL (CLICK HEREto see the child’s record.
  8. If you have another child to add, log back in and click on “Add a Child“. If you don’t see this link, click on “Account & Settings” at the top of the page. Then look for the link that says “Add another Child“. Do the same above steps (3-to-6) for the next child. (MRN is unique for each child)
  9. After you have waited for 15 minutes, you can start using the Parent Portal (CLICK HERE).
  10. Bookmark it for future use.
  11. If you have trouble registering or signing-in, please call 1-866-499-2742 during business hours.





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