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Choosing the Best Pediatric Practice


Simply put, it is a matter of TRUST. So take your time to choose the right partner for your baby’s care. We have tried to answer some of your common questions and concerns about our practice and the doctor (in blue font below).


  • Is the doctor a specialist on children’s health? Is she Board Certified?

Yes. Dr. Lata Shridharan is an American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Board Certified Pediatrician. The doctor practices integrative medicine, integrating natural remedies for chronic and non-urgent kid problems. 

  • Does the doctor participate in my insurance plan?

Natural Pediatrics takes most private insurance, Government Medicaid and has low (non-profit like) rates for self-pay patients. For a list of insurances supported, see the list here.

  • Are there any complaints against the doctor at the State Medical Board?


  • Is the doctor affiliated to the leading hospitals in the area?

Yes. We are affiliated with most major kid hospitals in North Dallas including Childrens. For a list of hospital affiliations, see here.

  • I am giving birth in a different hospital. Can the doctor still see us?

Yes. The baby will be attended to on the first two days in the hospital by a rotating pediatrician. Please call us and we will set you with an appointment immediately after release. 

  •  How experienced is the doctor? Has she handled complex cases? Does the doctor have extensive hospital experience to handle the special medical needs of our child (if any)?

Yes. You are in good hands. The doctor has over 19 years of experience caring for kids in ICU, ER, hospital, and outpatient setting at some of the leading hospitals in the nation – Childrens Medical Center and Stanford hospital network.

  • Does the doctor have practical hands-on experience?

Yes. She has two young children of her own and knows the worries and travails of a parent firsthand.

  • Does the doctor take a holistic approach to our child’s need (covering physical, mental and behavioral health, nutrition, and parenting aspects)?

Yes. Please read our doctor’s Philosophy of Care here.

  • What are the doctor’s views on medications, antibiotics, alternative medicines, and second opinions?

This is best-answered face-2-face but our approach is: We will work with you on the best care approach for your baby. If it is an urgent/critical issue we follow the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. If it is a chronic or common condition, we suggest natural approaches as the first line of treatment. 

  • What are the doctor’s views on vaccination/immunization?

Please see our views on “Vaccination” here.

  • Does the doctor take my urgent calls personally after hours?

We provide a complimentary after-hours pediatric specialist hotline to our patients. For very urgent matters, it is personally handled by the doctor in her family time. Please see our “After hours” protocol here.

  • How easy is it to communicate with the doctor? How much time does the doctor spend addressing my questions? Will my child be comfortable with the doctor?

Please visit us and evaluate for yourself. If not, check out what other parents are saying here.


  • How clean is the clinic?

We welcome you to visit us. With a garden entrance, quiet cozy office, kid-friendly toys in each room, we are sure your kid will love the staff, the games, and the doctor.

  • Is the clinic conveniently located?

We have two locations: Central Plano and West Frisco, approximately 20 minutes from Richardson, Frisco, Allen, Wylie, North Dallas, and McKinney.

  • Are the hours flexible?

We are open five days a week and a few Saturdays. To spend enough time with you, we may restrict the last appointment to an earlier time.

  • Is the staff friendly?

We welcome you to visit us. We are proud of our front desk and staff. With a cheerful attitude, we hope to bring a smile on your face.

  • How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

We try not to book appointments back-to-back. So for most families, the wait time less than 5-10 minutes. Sometime we may get backed-up a little if we need to perform special lab procedures.  

  • Does the practice use state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

Yes. We use the same EMR that Presby Plano and Childrens Medical Center uses. So referral, electronic prescription, and lab reports are fast and error free.

  • Can you see our sick child, the same day?

Yes (in most cases, except Holidays or if she is backed up taking care of kids admitted in hospitals)

  • Can you handle all aspects of my child’s care (like a sick visit, well visit, sports physical, developmental visit, chronic cases, and immunization)?


  • Will my child see the same doctor each visit?

Yes. Your baby will see the same doctor every visit.

  • Is the practice technologically savvy in using email, Facebook, web and other modes of communication?

Yes. you can email us at planonaturalpediatrics@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook. (Please “Like or Follow” us and we will send you periodic health tips, even if you don’t join.) You will also find a lot of resources on our webpage. But please be aware that due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot reply to patient-specific information by electronic medium. 

  • How expensive are the Self Pay fees?

We realize that in this economy families struggle to pay the high premiums of health insurance. To help our Self Pay patients we have some of the lowest prices for self-pay service. However, we expect parents to pay at the time of service. 


  • What do other patients have to say about the kind of care they receive?

Talk to them or check out our patient’s testimonial here.

Choosing the right doctor will help you feel confident that your baby will be well cared for throughout childhood and beyond. Join us – call today at 972-618-3547.

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