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Natural Alternatives


These material were created by Dr Lata Shridharan for her patients. Hope you enjoy and find them useful:


  1. What to Avoid During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  2. Pregnancy-and-healthy-baby-brochure
  3. More on Pregnancy and Your Baby
  4. Supplements and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  5. Nutrition tip for Moms

Sickness in Kids

  1. Handling a sick child
  2. Common Home remedies
  3. Natural-remedies-brochure
  4. Chelation Therapy

Nutrition for Children

  1. What to Eat?
  2. Higher Quality Kids Food Supplements
  3. How to Avoid Pesticides
  4. Shoppers guide to pesticides in food – What to eat and what to avoid
  5. Food Color Additives
  6. Gluten Free Living
  7. EWG Guide of Good Eats IN and AROUND Dallas

Yoga for Children

  1. Book of Yoga for Children
  2. The Dos and Don’ts of Daily Yoga

Natural Alternatives

  1. Raising a Chemically Free Child
  2. Low-Toxicity-Cleaners-brochure-2013 – A brochure on lower toxicity cleaners
  3. The Best Ethical Cosmetic Brands
  4. Natural Depression Remedy

Toxic Chemicals in your environment

  1. Toxic Matters – An overview for healthier life
  2. How smart are you about Kids and Cosmetics
  3. Naturally fight Mosquitoes
  4. Natural Disinfectants
  5. Arsenic in Food
  6. Carbon Monoxide and Child’s Health
  7. Impact of BPA and Phthalates on your Child’s Health
  8. How to Avoid Toxicity and Chemicals at the Workplace

Yoga for Parents

  1. Yoga for Raising a child
  2. Yoga of the Tongue – A primer on parenting
  3. Exercise for Back Pain and Yoga for Back pain – Especially needed when you start carrying children 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Natural Alternatives

  1. Can you please provide information on the vaccinations you give. We truly are afraid of giving the vaccinations to our baby because of metal and all other unnecessary ingredients. Does your office give vaccinations without the metals and scarey other harmful ingredients? If so can you please provide an ingredient list for the vaccinations you give please. Thank you!

    • Hi Michelle:
      Vaccines contain live viruses, killed viruses, purified viral proteins, inactivated bacterial toxins, or bacterial polysaccharides. In addition to these immunogens, vaccines often contain other substances. For example, vaccines may contain preservatives that prevent bacterial or fungal contamination (eg, thimerosal); adjuvants that enhance antigen-specific immune responses (eg, aluminum salts); or additives that stabilize live, attenuated viruses (eg, gelatin, human serum albumin).

      Having said that, let me first assure you. Vaccines that your child will get in our office are VERY safe. I will reassure – They are VERY Safe. I am so sure of their efficacy that both my kids (who are teens now) are fully vaccinated.

      Why do I believe it?
      a) They have been tested in 2-3 Billion children worldwide. They have been tested in manufacturer-independent labs. I have reviewed independent literature.
      b) The additional substances in vaccines are in micrograms (one-millionth of a gram). To put this in perspective, the food that we feed our children DAILY has 1000 to million-times more dangerous substances, than in vaccines. Especially the meat and hamburgers that our kids eat is laced with pesticides, preservatives, colors and additives that are 1000 times more in concentration, than what are in the one-time vaccines.

      If you want to discuss more, join us. I will explain the risk-and-benefits of each vaccine.

      If you are scientifically bent, read https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/pediatrics/112/6/1394.full.pdf

  2. What are your recommendations on vaccination? Any good data and research that gives guidance to parents on which vaccines should be received vs. those that can be avoided? I’m always weight risk vs benefit and believe it is beneficial for some but not all vaccines. Thank you.

    • Very good point Christie. I typically discuss each vaccines with the parents with the risk and benefit. In due course of the discussion we get a good picture of risk for the child. In some cases we skip HPV or Flu or Rota virus immunization.

  3. I absolutely love this

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