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Anti-bacterial products

In many cosmetics and hygiene products, including soaps and toothpastes, a substance called Triclosan, registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency as an insecticide, has been found, and it may be carcinogenic. Although initial experiments on the subject have only been done on mice so far, they have raised enough concerns to ban the use of products containing this substance in EU countries.

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Teflon cookware

Several years ago, the US Environmental Protection Agency found a carcinogenic substance called PFOA inside Teflon cookware. Agency officials added that Teflon secretes toxic substances and gases at high temperatures, which can lead to various diseases and even cancer. However, it’s important to note that if you keep your Teflon cookware in good condition and undamaged, you can continue to use it, but at the same time, avoid long or high-temperature cooking.

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House paint

The most common problem with paint is the volatile compounds it contains. As paint begins to dry, the chemicals "escape" into the air and this may continue for several years after painting. People who work or live in an area that has just been painted can breathe in these chemicals, which can cause a variety of health problems such as headaches, dizziness and other severe symptoms. Because of these problems, paints that contain less volatile compounds have become more desirable, and you should look for these paint options.

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Talcum powder

There are quite a few people who use talcum powder in their sneakers or socks to prevent unpleasant sweating or odors, and quite a few mothers put it in baby diapers to prevent rashes. This is why it is important that you know what substances you should be wary of on its label. You should avoid buying talc that contains asbestos fibers, found to be unsafe by the US Food and Drug Administration, as it increases the risk of ovarian cancer and lung diseases.

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Pest Repellent and pesticides

Many pests enjoy setting up camp on our four-legged friends, which is why most of us buy different products to kill those unwanted visitors. But we need to pay attention and be very alert when choosing tick a flea repellents because, as in the case of our detergents, there are various carcinogenic chemicals that may be present in them, as well as in products that treat children’s head lice. Products containing chemical substances such as permethrin or organophosphates are probably carcinogenic and dangerous for humans. Therefore, you have to be very stringent when choosing these products.

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Dry cleaned Clothes

According to the American Cancer Society, a dangerous substance that’s hidden in your closet is trichloroethylene, a chemical that may stick to clothes and items that have been dry cleaned. Inhalation of this transparent liquid vapor can damage the central nervous system, with symptoms similar to those of alcohol poisoning including headaches, dizziness, and confusion to the point of loss of consciousness and death. In addition to this, the substance is suspected to be carcinogenic. Therefore, the next time you give your clothes to the dry cleaners, don’t forget to make sure that they don’t use detergents containing trichloroethylene or other chemicals that could unknowingly endanger your health.