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Beautiful note on Association

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This is especially useful note for teens entering school.

You may have heard of the powerful proverb :”Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.

This implies that the company you keep, moulds your character.

I recently read a Beautiful explanationof this by Swami Vivekananda

When asked to explain the Meaning of ‘Association’, he said:

"The rain drop from the sky, if it is caught in hands is pure enough for drinking.

If it falls in gutter, it’s value drops so much that it can’t be used for washing the feet.

If it falls on hot surface, it perishes.

If it falls on lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl and finally,

if it falls on oyster, it becomes a pearl.

The drop is same, but it’s existence & worth depends on with whom it associates."

Remember this as you enter middle or high school.

Small people discuss people

Average people discuss Events

And Great people discuss Ideas

Choose your company wisely.

Author: txnaturalpediatrics

By training, I am a American Board Certified Pediatrician. But in my younger years I grew up with natural alternatives. As a mom I have tried to incorporate both for my kids and it has worked wonders. And finally, as I am studying natural & alternative medicines, I realize the beauty and wisdom of living closer to earth. Hence in my practice I integrate both...for acute ailments I follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation but for simple and/or chronic conditions I prefer natural alternatives. In western training we were raised to think that "health is the absence of symptoms and problems". But eastern sensibilities has educated me that "Health is state that allows one to use the full capabilities of their body, mind and intellect. Therefore, healthy living is a balanced state of well being: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually." This implies that healing is not a "one-pill-fits-all", but a personalized experience.

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