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Children who learn to play musical instruments gain a great hobby and also enjoy a number of important mental benefits that will help them become more successful people, so learn the six benefits children gain by playing a musical instrument.

  • Improves academic success rates: Research shows that there is a close connection between practicing playing a musical instrument and academic success, and the reason is that learning to play a musical instrument improves creative and cognitive thinking. A child who plays a musical instrument stimulates the parts of their brain that are connected to school and academic studies, and this is also a great way to improve memory, which will help them pass tests with high-scores.
  • Encourages social connections: If your child learns to play a musical instrument in a class, they will probably do so with several other children, and in the case where they learn to play classical instruments, they might even work with an entire orchestra.
  • Increases self-confidence: Learning to play musical instruments helps the child cope in an enjoyable way with feelings of frustration. Once they see that they get better at playing every day, they will understand that frustration is part of the process and it will help them maintain confidence even in the difficult moments of the journey to realizing their dream.
  • Teaches discipline and patience: Learning to work with instruments is, therefore, an excellent remedy for this modern disease, as it helps the child get used to being patient until they become better. Moreover, when playing in an orchestra or in a band with other children, the child must wait for their turn to play.
  • Improves respiratory system function: This advantage is unique to children who learn to play wind instruments because they have to take deep breaths and learn how to exhale in a certain way that will produce the desired sound. Such training is a breathing exercise that helps children strengthen and improve the functioning of their lungs and the muscles that control breathing, and is therefore highly recommended for children with chronic respiratory illnesses.
  • Reduces stress: Our children also experience moments of crisis and stress us adults, and just as music can calm us, it can also do the same for them. However, creating music is an even better way of relaxing than just listening to it, since the child takes an active part in reducing his or her own stress at the moment they are playing, and in most cases, children who learn to play soon understand that it is a great way to distract them from their worries and to "disconnect" from everything that’s bothering them.

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The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for a physician’s advice. Always make sure to seek a doctor or a professional’s advice before proceeding with the home treatment plan.

Author: TxNaturalPediatrics

By training, I am a American Board Certified Pediatrician. But in my younger years I grew up with natural alternatives. As a mom I have tried to incorporate both for my kids and it has worked wonders. And finally, as I am studying natural & alternative medicines, I realize the beauty and wisdom of living closer to earth. Hence in my practice I integrate both...for acute ailments I follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation but for simple and/or chronic conditions I prefer natural alternatives. In western training we were raised to think that "health is the absence of symptoms and problems". But eastern sensibilities has educated me that "Health is state that allows one to use the full capabilities of their body, mind and intellect. Therefore, healthy living is a balanced state of well being: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually." This implies that healing is not a "one-pill-fits-all", but a personalized experience.

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