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Chewing gum is made of synthetic rubber. In addition to the gum base, chewing gum contains sweeteners, flavorings, and softeners.

Neither natural nor synthetic latex are readily degraded by the digestive system.


a) Sugared gums can with heavy use cause tooth decay, gum disease and cavities. This happens because sugar coats the teeth, and can slowly cause damaging of tooth enamel if they are not immediately brushed.

b) Almost all popular sugar brands use artificial sweeteners to make their products longer lasing, sweeter or to achieve special kind of taste. Some of those artificial sweeteners can cause allergic reaction, especially Aspartame and Sorbitol. Others can cause irritation or headaches.

c) If you swallow your gum it will be excreted. However, frequent gum swallowing may contribute to the formation of an intestinal stone.

d) Even though many gum manufacturers claim that their products can be used all the time and on any occasion, detailed studies show that habitual use of chewing gums may cause continuous stress on your jaws. If not regulated, this stress can lead to the condition called d Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJD)

e) Continuous chewing of gum can lead to the increased levels of stress to your stomach and intestines. After meals your stomach mush receive period of resting time for him to digest food, but chewing and continuous swallowing of saliva interferes with that rest. Stomach issues that can appear in those situations are irritation, aches, and aggravated gastritis. In some cases, you can even develop gastric ulcer!

f) Frequent chewing of gum can lead to masseter problems that are result of your constant grinding of teeth at night.

g) If the cavities in your teeth are filled with mercury fillings, frequent chewing of gun may cause their dislodging and releasing of this dangerous material in your metabolism. The most common target of mercury is blood, urinary tract, nerves and brain.

h) Extensive chewing of gum in puberty may lead to the stimulation of jawbone and facial muscles and creation of larger face.

Source: Chewinggumfacts.com