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Home is the place where there is family, relaxation and play go together. Home is also the place where accidents happen the most. Minor cuts and bruises are okay. When major accidents happen then it becomes a big concern.

From the moment babies learn to crawl, the world becomes a magical place for them for their adventures. From their perspective everything is a mountain to climb. Book-shelves, furniture, pesky stairs, they have mysterious places to investigate beyond their safety gates. Little bumps do happen. We have to help them so that these brave expeditions don’t result in something serious.

Some tips for home safety

• Walls should be in good condition without peeling and cracking. Older homes contain lead in the paint chips. When peels fall out they find their way straight inside a baby’s mouth.

• Nails in walls hurt babies. So it should be removed.

• Photo frames and paintings should be hung neatly and securely, far out of the reaches of babies.

• Rugs should be secured on floor fitted with anti-slip pad underneath.

Doors and windows

• Finger pinch guard on doors is a must.

• Rubber tips removed on all door stops or install a one piece door-stop.

• Sliding doors should be fitted with child proof stops.

• Install Safety bars or window guards on upper level windows.

• Window stops to keep them ajar or not closing all the way.

• Window blind specially designed to clip loose cord.


• Furniture and book shelves should be secured with wall brackets so they can’t be tripped over.

• The sharp edges of coffee tables, furniture and counter tops of corners paddled.

• Safety hinges fitted to toy chests and other chests.

• Checking the baby equipment if they are recalled.

• TV screen mounted securely on wall or other TVs stable on ground

• There should be stops on all drawers preventing them from falling out.


• Safety gates at the top and bottom of every stairway is a must.

• Check whether stairways clear of tripping hazards such as loose carpeting or toys

• Are the banisters and railings secured?

• Door to the basement steps locked.

• Is there enough light on stairways.

While your aim is to prevent major mishaps, don’t worry about small bumps.

Kids learn through exploring. If we kill curiosity, we kill the joy for life.

Author: TxNaturalPediatrics

By training, I am a American Board Certified Pediatrician. But in my younger years I grew up with natural alternatives. As a mom I have tried to incorporate both for my kids and it has worked wonders. And finally, as I am studying natural & alternative medicines, I realize the beauty and wisdom of living closer to earth. Hence in my practice I integrate both...for acute ailments I follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation but for simple and/or chronic conditions I prefer natural alternatives. In western training we were raised to think that "health is the absence of symptoms and problems". But eastern sensibilities has educated me that "Health is state that allows one to use the full capabilities of their body, mind and intellect. Therefore, healthy living is a balanced state of well being: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually." This implies that healing is not a "one-pill-fits-all", but a personalized experience.

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