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Plano was recently ranked No. 2 on the Best Cities for Working Parents report by NerdWallet.

Cities were awarded points in the data-driven study with each of the following four categories weighted as 25 percent of the total score: city affordability, child care affordability, high-quality schools and family friendliness.

Other Top 10 cities are Chandler, Ariz., Fremont, Calif., Irvine, Calif., Garland, El Paso, Lexington, Ken., Chesapeake, Va. and Mesa, Ariz, in order. The top 100 cities include 13 Texas cities with Arlington ranked No. 19, Fort Worth ranked No. 24, Irving ranked No. 38 and Dallas ranked No. 58.

For information on the study, visit nerdwallet.com/blog/cities/economics/best-cities-working-parents/.

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Most expensive cities to raise a child

Rank City Cost of raising a child
1 New York (Manhattan), NY $540,514
2 Honolulu, HI $429,635
3 San Francisco, CA $402,112
4 New York (Brooklyn), NY $400,951
5 Hilo, HI $369,559
6 San Jose, CA $363,807
7 Orange County, CA $353,081
8 Washington, DC $342,552
9 Oakland, CA $337,477
10 Fairbanks, AK $334,562

Least expensive cities to raise a child

Rank City Cost of raising a child
1 Norman, OK $199,298
2 Harlingen, TX $199,694
3 Ashland, OH $206,793
4 Salina, KS $207,525
5 Pueblo, CO $208,155
6 Memphis, TN $208,322
7 Temple, TX $208,593
8 Richmond, IN $209,522
9 Jackson, MS $211,309
10 Hattiesburg, MS $211,451

Read more: http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/cities/economics/cost-raising-child/#ixzz3AwQTO3ia