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How you speak is as important as what is said. An Interesting Spiritual thought in Sanskrit

Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat na bruyat satyam apriyam

priyam ca nanrutam bruyat esha dharmah sanatanah

Speak truth in such a way that it is pleasing to others. Never speak truth, which is unpleasant to others.

Never speak untruth, which might be pleasant. This is the path of eternal morality.

To speak truth is an eternal value irrespective of time and place. But the expression of truth should be accompanied by two conditions.

Firstly, it should be presented in a loving manner and secondly it should be spoken for the betterment of others.

A fable to illustrate this

The King And The Astrologer

A king produced his horoscope before an astrologer and asked him about his future. The astrologer pondered the positions of the planets and consulted the Stars and finally gave his verdict: “Maharaja, all your relatives will die before you, you will perform their obsequies with your own hands”.

The king became furious. He was very much attached to his family and could not tolerate such a verdict. The king at once ordered that the poor astrologer be imprisoned for life.

Then the king sent for another astrologer. This man was more tactful than the first. He found that the previous astrologer’s readings were absolutely correct. So, he tactfully put the same truth the other way round. He said:

“Maharaja, you have a very long life. You will live longer than all your relatives”.

This also meant that all his relatives would die while the king was alive. The same fact had been very tactfully. The king was highly pleased with the astrologer and gave him rich and costly presents.

Therefore it is said that even while telling the truth, one should tell it in a pleasant manner. Even a truth should not be told in a way that will hurt the feelings of others.