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If your baby becomes fussy within an hour of eating, hunger may not be the reason. Instead of offering a bottle, try these “S’s:

· Swaddling. Being wrapped up in a blanket helps calm a cranky baby.

· Step on the metal: Strap the baby in a car seat and take a drive around the block. The gentle rocking of the car will put him/her to sleep.

· Shushing. Soothing sounds will help your child relax and settle.

· Sing a Lullaby: Babies love the sound of the parent’s gentle and loving voices.

· Swinging. Gently rocking your baby in your arms is another proven strategy.

· Sucking. Offer a pacifier instead of a bottle.

· Side/stomach position. This should only be used when your baby is awake, since sleeping on the belly raises risk for sudden infant death syndrome. When a baby is fussing, however, this position helps turn off crying.