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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed two cases of measles in a suburb of Boston and issued a warning for other Framingham residents: You may be exposed to the highly contagious disease.

Those who were vaccinated as children are immune from the disease. But those who weren’t could see symptoms soon. Medical experts say it doesn’t take long for the disease to set in once the person’s been exposed. Watch out for symptoms such as cough, runny nose, pink eye, high fever and a rash covering the body.


According to the California Department of Public Health, there are 15 reported cases of measles in California. The 15 cases in California have shown up in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties. North of the Central Coast, cases have been documented in Contra Costa, Alameda and San Mateo counties.

The CDC says there are 20 million cases and more than 164,000 deaths each year worldwide from measles.

A case of measles has been confirmed in an Orange County NY now.

The measles’ confirmation comes just after California health officials reported up to 25 cases of paralysis in children due to a polio-like illness with similar symptoms.


Are you ready to take the chances with your child’s health? Check out our views:

We have two options:

a) Either raise our kids in a bubble so that they are never exposed to such deadly killers

b) Immunize and protect them.

Your Call!

Source: Multiple including WashingtonTimes

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Mothers Transfer Good Bacteria From Gut to Babies Via Breast Milk

STUDY: Swiss researchers at Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland state that good bacteria from the mother’s gut reach the babies’ digestive systems via breast milk. This study confirms that breast milk is best when it comes to early establishment of gut and immune health. This study helps in understanding how babies acquire a great number of good bacteria.


A healthy community of bacteria in the gut of both mother and baby is really important for baby’s gut health and immune system development. The researchers discovered the exact strains of Bifidobacterium breve and several types of Clostridium bacteria, in the breast milk and maternal and/or neonatal feces. The researchers say the strains present in the breast milk help in setting nutritional balance in the baby’s gut and help in preventing intestinal disorder.

TAKEAWAY: If you have a baby, try Breast feeding till year 1 at least.

Source: Journal Environmental Microbiology

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STUDY: Babies who ate more fruits and vegetables and fewer packaged foods were less likely to develop food allergies

DETAILS: University of Southampton in the UK did a study on over 1140 babies. They found that babies without food allergies scored higher than babies with allergies on a diet that was rich in healthy, often homemade, foods – including fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish – and scant on processed foods such as pre-made meals, potato chips, cook-in sauces and bacon. The analysis showed that the infants who were having more fruits and vegetables and less commercially produced baby foods and also less adult foods were the ones who were less likely to develop an allergy by the time they were two. It’s not that they didn’t have commercially-made baby foods, it’s just that they did not have them predominantly in their diet.


· We recommend that parents gives their kids primarily fresh fruits and vegetables.

· Avoid junk foods.

· Try to serve home-made meals

Source: The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

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If your baby becomes fussy within an hour of eating, hunger may not be the reason. Instead of offering a bottle, try these “S’s:

· Swaddling. Being wrapped up in a blanket helps calm a cranky baby.

· Step on the metal: Strap the baby in a car seat and take a drive around the block. The gentle rocking of the car will put him/her to sleep.

· Shushing. Soothing sounds will help your child relax and settle.

· Sing a Lullaby: Babies love the sound of the parent’s gentle and loving voices.

· Swinging. Gently rocking your baby in your arms is another proven strategy.

· Sucking. Offer a pacifier instead of a bottle.

· Side/stomach position. This should only be used when your baby is awake, since sleeping on the belly raises risk for sudden infant death syndrome. When a baby is fussing, however, this position helps turn off crying.